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If you’ve ever thought about what goes beneath your tile in your shower; hopefully this information will help you make the right decisions.

The Quick Pitch System is used to build your tiled shower system.  Attach the quick-pitch sticks around the 4″ Center Ring; you slide them in the slots of the center ring.  The sticks are designed to create a perfect slope for your tile to sit; and eventually all water to be directed toward the drain in your shower.

You can use any liner with the quick-pitch system.  However, in my experience I recommend the OneLiner Structured Shower Liner.  Whether your drain is in the center of your shower or off-set to 1 side like the example below – the quick pitch system is designed to slope any shower, even if it’s irregular.  If the length from your drain to any wall or corner is more than 36″ in length, use the quick pitch extensions.

Using the Quick Pitch System with a PVC liner…

You end up with a shower that looks like this below.  Notice that tile is slightly higher on the outside edges than the center of your shower.  This enables the water to make its way to the drain.  This is where the quick-pitch system is very important.  Without a perfect slope toward your drain, you are compromising the integrity of your entire shower system. 

Home Repair Tip:  If you are re-modelling your shower, when you remove the existing tile or fiberglass; the quick pitch system is easily installed and very friendly to the Do-it-yourselfer.  You can save on some of the labour costs if you decide to undertake the project on your own.

The video below gives you step by step-by-step instructions to install the quick pitch in your shower.