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In a shower, a very helpful item is having a bench to sit on.  This adds beauty and a flare to your shower.  This is incredibly awesome for people who have trouble standing, or have some kind of injury.  As you can see, both the rectangular and corner bench are solid right to the ground; this makes the cleaning of your shower much easier!  I recommend either of the two Dix Shower benches:

Dix 32″ Solid Shower Bench

Dix 16″ Corner Bench

The above images feature the rectangular and triangular foam benches.  They come in a 32″ size, or a triangular 16″ size.  Both of these benches can have modifications made to them-if the sides are too long, or the top is too high they can be cut down.  This is very helpful for people with tighter space in your shower body.  You can know that you’ll be able to modify it by simply shimming it down.  Both of these benches are tile-ready.  The benches are made of a high density polystyrene giving you an absolutely waterproof and mold resistant product.   It’s very lightweight which makes it so easy to work with.  To install this just use a latex modified thin-set, silicone the edges, and let it dry.  Then you are ready to tile on top of this bench.  Here is a link to the complete detailed instructions for both the rectangular and corner foam benches.

Hope this got some ideas popping around your head about your shower!