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In your shower, one of the most crucial things to protect yourself from is mold and moisture damage.  The CertainTeed Vapour Barrier uses an advanced technology of smart vapour retarder and air barrier film.


CertainTeed Membrane

Only waterproofing your shower walls does not stop water vapour from getting behind your backer board and into your wall cavity behind.  When you are waterproofing a shower, it stops liquid water from penetrating walls, but not vapour (steam).  This looks like fog, and it happens each time water is used in a shower.  The fog travels all the way outside the actual shower to the rest of your bathroom, forming the evidence on your mirrors.  If enough of this vapour gets into the shower walls,  it gets trapped and mold finds a perfect home to grow.  If enough builds up and when the temperature changes, it can turn back to liquid and run down the inside of your walls causing damage that you’re not even aware of – until you have a huge problem on your hands.
This is quite unfortunate when we see it happen to people that either weren’t informed, or didn’t take the necessary precautions to avoid this.  I provided a link below to the installation video of this vapour barrier.

Here are some reasons why the CertainTeed Membrane outdoes any other commonly found vapour barrier sold in stores:

  • The membrane allows the vapour to dry out with changing temperatures.  This is one of the most important features because temperature change occurs very frequently in all regular showers and bathrooms!
  • It’s excellent for steam rooms:  When you’re building a steam room, you’re purposely creating vapour in a very large amount and forcing it into these cavities like a kettle on the stove.
  • Choose from a variety of different sizes, 96 Sq/Ft, 144 Sq/Ft, 800 Sq/Ft, and 900 Sq/Ft

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