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One of the most elegant and streamline shower organizations are the shower niches.  The niches are a great idea for people who want to have shower organization that is permanent and easily maintained.

Dix Systems Shower Niche

Shower Niches are made of a structural, alloyed aluminum shell with a sprayed on elastomeric/waterproofing coating.  This gives you a completely waterproof shower niche.  The niches end up sitting in your shower wall as if they are indented.  This allows you to place heavy objects like big shampoo/conditioner bottles on the ledges.

Benefits of the shower niches:

  • The shell backing eliminates the possibility of the membrane penetration and the unit’s vertical mounting.
  • The positive sloped bottom ensures no damming of water inside the unit that would cause any potential for leakage.
  • On top of the niches you can put any ceramic tile, marble, or granite.  Eg:  see the written installation instructions or the video below

Home building tip:  You can also use a floating shelf with either the 14’x14′ or 14’x18′ niches to create a shelf inside your niche.  See the photo below:

Floating shelf in niche

Dix Systems demonstrates the easy installation of this product.  I highly recommend this for people that want gorgeous looking organization in their shower.