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Over the years of building shower curbs, I have found the easiest product to building a gorgeous-looking and durable curb are the Curbsill Thresholds.

The thresholds provide an efficient seal for shower doors. You can also use this for any glass doors and get a smooth straight ledge.
The colors that are available are as follows:  Black, Bone, Cashmere, Lite Fawn, Tidal Sand, Tortilla Chip, Walnut Toffee, White, and Whole Wheat.  Click each color to be taken to the official Dix Systems website to place your order.  There are a variety of different lengths to choose from: 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″.

Why choose the Curbsill Thresholds? 

  • They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes
  • They install quickly with little or no cutting
  • Enjoy the waterproof, seamless finish that is designed to last.
  • These Cultured Marble Thresholds can be used with our Kirb Perfect kits.

I found this video very helpful for the process of installing this for your shower.  Dix systems always comes through for the Do-it-yourselfers.  Here are the written installation instructions for people who prefer things in black and white.  If you’re a Home Builder or Professional Renovator and would like to order mass quantities of this product, just fill out this confidential form and in the comments you can mention that you’re interested in mass quantities of the Curbsill Threshold.