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It is essential to build a curb for any open area of your shower perimeter that is not enclosed by solid-wall.  Your shower door may be the only open area, in which case your curb length will be the same length as your shower door.

However, you may have an open-wall of your shower, facing the inside of your bathroom.  In this case, your curb length will be the total length of your shower door, and the rest of the open wall combined.

It is essential to pay close attention to the construction of your curb.  Many people may forgo giving their curb the proper materials and building technique because they assume a liner is sufficient in preventing water damage.  The curb is equally important to prepare correctly and ensure that proper steps are followed:

Kirb-Perfect is a 30″ in length piece that is designed to cage your 3 stacked 2″ by 4″ pieces of wood for your curb.  You then fill up that cage with mortar and you are ready to tile over top of the cage, creating a perfectly water-sealed curb.  It’s very important to wrap your 3 stacked 2″ by 4″ pieces of wood with Bituthene curb seal.  This ensures that those 3 pieces of wood are protected from any water damage.

Additonally, please visit this video for a complete demonstration to install Kirb-Perfect and build a proper curb with your OneLiner http://www.youtube.com/embed/8uizWiCzjgo

If you are using a PVC liner, instead of the OneLiner, you will require a Curb Waterproofing Kit.  This kit acts as waterproofing for over the 3 stacked 2×4’s.   When wrapping the PVC liner over your curb, there will be 2 small slits at the corners of your curb.  The Dam Corners seal over these holes with the X-15 Bonding Adhesive and make sure you have a watertight curb.  You are then ready to use Kirb-Perfect on top of that.  For more accessories that are used with the PVC liner, click here: http://www.dixsystems.com/liner-accessories.