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The preparation steps of building your shower can be strenuous but it’s one of the most important items;  giving your attention to this will be well worthwhile:

It’s very important to pre-slope a shower.  Forgoing this step could mean the difference between having water damage and mildew in your shower.  There is a possibility that water can go through your mortar bed underneath your tiled floor.   The real question is, where does that water go once it has gone through your liner?  Once water has gone through your liner, it will eventually reach your sub-floor or cement floor.  A pre-slope is necessary because once water has reached there, it needs to be directed to the drain area.  If underneath your liner is flat – without any slope to the drain – this will cause water build-up, eventually causing mildew.  This is water damage that you don’t want to have.  The following photo shows the ceiling with a shower above it that has been damaged by water:

The photo below is the water damaged shower.  This becomes a very expensive fix, and a lot of work.

A little frightened?  The good news is:  there is a solution to this!

The pre-pitch system is designed to build your pre-slope.  This system enables you create your perfect slope underneath your shower liner.  The pre-pitch sticks sit on top of your sub-floor, or cement floor.  (Make sure you prepare wooden sub-floor with a Mortar Reinforcement Kit to prevent your mortar from rotting your wood).  There are a total of 6 sticks that come in a pre-pitch package.  Or, you can purchase a OneLiner Installation Kit;  this would give you 8 pre-pitch sticks.  If you have a larger shower size and need more coverage, you can purchase single pre-pitch sticks, these are a great price; only $5.25 each.

The best thing is that you will have a solid, properly angled pre-slope to go toward your drain.