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In a shower, it is crucial to have designated areas that soaps, shampoos and other shower products can be stored.  This makes functioning much easier in the shower.  I have seen so many products from department stores or outlets that look nice but they don’t have the strength or backing to support the basket.  The life of these cheaper-made baskets are very short-lived, it’s not something you can rely on for the long term.  You also cannot clean these baskets; they end up falling apart on you, or even worse, developing rust.  Some baskets that are quite low-quality end up falling off the walls and this creates a very clumsy start to your day, and an unnecessary problem.
You have a solution to all of this:  The products I most recommend are the Tile Ware baskets.  These are made from a strong plumber’s brass.  Each basket is detachable, and washable!
The tile ware baskets avoid any penetrations or intrusions to your tiled shower, or tiled-tub surrounds.  This is very important because water damage can occur with products that puncture either behind or on top of your tile.  The uniqueness of this tile ware is its ability to securely mount the baskets to tiled surfaces without penetration into the interior wall cavity.

Choose from a wide variety of options and pricing:  There are 3 main finishes to choose from: Polished Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze and many different sizes available.  Here’s simple and easy to follow instructions for Do-It-Yourselfers.  Click these hyperlinks and they will take you to the written, printable installation instructions for the rectangular baskets; and the corner baskets.  Do you prefer to watch installation videos?  Click here to be taken to the full demonstration video for these products.

Why choose basket’s made out of Plummer’s Brass?

1. Durable

Brass is a highly durable material. This makes it ideal for works which require a resilient and long serving material. Once installed, fixtures will retain their good condition for several years. They will not easily crack or disintegrate.

2. Versatile

The high versatility of brass fittings gives brass an edge over other metal fittings. These baskets also come in various decorative finishes;  the end result is a pleasant display in your shower.

3. Resilient

When compared to metal, brass enjoys one of the highest resistances to damage.  You can have the piece of mind knowing your product will not rust or damage