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I believe the benefits of the OneLiner outweigh the common PVC liner used today.  A PVC liner will inevitably have folds in the process of assembling your shower bed.  This will cause water build-up in your shower, and it’s something you don’t want.  Often, we use a horizontal piece of wood to go behind the studs, this is commonly referred to as ‘backing behind the studs.’  This is an unnecessary hassle, and the OneLiner doesn’t need it.  As seen in the first photo, the PVC liner is folding, and remains loose and un-stable on the top.

PVC Liner


The OneLiner eliminates this problem.  The walls and bottom are solidly built and this enables the pan to stand on its own.  The polyethylene plastic is also impenetrable, water cannot penetrate the material.  I prefer the OneLiner also because of its 25 year warranty.  This gives me the stability of knowing my shower is protected and I’ve chosen the right product for my family.  I would definitely recommend the OneLiner to anybody considering building a shower.  You should think about your future investment and know that you are doing yourself good-by saving on damage costs or problems in the long run.