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The Dix Systems OneLiner is used for any tiled – mortar bed made – shower.  The OneLiner can be fabricated to fit any dimension and any size.  There are 15 different pre-fabricated sizes, if no sizes fit your shower, one can order a custom size.  One of the best things about Dix Systems is that it enables the consumer to fit their OneLiner to a specific shower size and dimension of their choice:

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For any tiled shower it is important to build a mortared pre-slope. The OneLiners can be coupled with the installation kit.  When contacting Dix, each agent always ensures your products will be tailored to your specifications.  If more or less products are needed to build your shower bed, they always ensure each customer is getting what is required.  The installation kit comes with a pre-pitch kit to lay underneath the OneLiner.  A secondary quick-pitch mortar bed is also an important step in your shower installation.  The quick-pitch sticks are what create the perfect slope for on top of your OneLiner.

Other pre-formed shower liners have a fixed drain location.  This can be a detriment because you do not have the ability to modify your drain location.  If your drain location doesn’t match the specific location of the liner that is sent to you, you’re stuck.  The OneLiner solves this problem.  It is made with a translucent material that allows you to determine the location of your drain and/or use your existing drain location.

The OneLiner is made of a very durable polyethylene plastic.  This material is designed to withstand the worst construction conditions.  It’s great to know you don’t have to tip-toe around this OneLiner, or worry about any tears or breaks during your installation.

Here is one example of what a custom OneLiner could look like:  See picture to the left.  Notice that the structural integrity of the liner is in tact.  The walls of the OneLiner have absolutely no folds.  The entire shape is completely made to fit the customer’s specifications.  This liner is the only liner, in the market today, that can be made to fit such an irregular shower size.  For somebody with an irregular shower shape such as this example; an advantage of the OneLiner over PVC bendable liners is the fact that installing the PVC with a shape such as this, will create folds.  Folds in a shower liner are what create water build-up.  Any water build-up inside the folds will not evaporate and thus cause you major water damage for the long haul.  The more folds you have in a liner during your installation means a reduction in your liner’s integrity.  The OneLiners play a key role in totally eliminating this problem. You end up with absolutely no folds or seams in your shower liner – because the liner is already pre-fabricated, solidly built like a pan.