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When faced with limited mobility it can be very difficult to get around your bathroom.  Dix Systems has introduced our new Handicapped Accessible Baths.

Dix Systems tub-insert

This insert is very helpful to those that need that extra help in mobility:

  • Save thousands of dollars with this quick fix handicapped Tub Insert.
  • You can keep your existing tub.  The installation of this tub insert is remarkably quick and easy.
  • The insert is extremely durable – made out of polyethylene and comes complete with a water tight stainless door panel, to make bathing possible for yourself or your guests.

Other projects that cater to the handicapped become huge and tedious; a very daunting process.  Not to mention that they cost way too much.  This system is very affordable and I found that this is so easily installed and very fast.  Only takes 4-5 hours to install, and you’re ready to use it in 24 hours.

Here’s a video to install this; I trust this is very helpful!

Home Repair Tip:  If building your shower, install a handicapped accessible curb.  This allows people who cannot step over a 5 inch height, to be able to enter their shower.