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What’s new this week?

Introducing the new ACO Quartz Plus Linear Shower Drains

These drains are greatly priced – only $214.50 for the 34″, and $260.30 for the 46″ size.  Personally this is one of the most beautiful drains I’ve seen.  It comes in two different designs; Square and Wavy, and two different sizes, the 34″ and 46″.

The grates are made of stainless steel and the body is made of plastic.  For the handicapped, or people that have trouble in mobility this is a quite useful option.  These drains allow for drainage of large quantities of water – you’d be able to put buckets of water down in them.  Of course, for those that must wheel in, this is wheelchair accessible.  You have an option of building this drain with a regular curb, or a handicap curb.

Worried about how you’d be able to install this on your own?  Dix Systems provides do-it-yourselfers all the information you would need in very easy to understand written instructions.